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We are producing the Wolf's products over more than 40 years of professional experience and 22 years of car care knowledge and practical experience in substance.
Original, not re-labeled products with its own know-how.


The Wolf shampoos are suitable for cleaning for all car surfaces. Traditional shampoos and the shampoos with additives are highly concentrated products. The general application rates of 50 to 100 ml / 10 liters of water, 1/3 or 1/4 part is sufficient to prepare the shampoo washing water. Therefore, they are considered super concentrates.

Wolf's Shampoo

Wheel care

The use of Wolf’s wheel products are the safest and most effective way to remove industrial fallout, rail dust, brake dust and other ferrous contaminants from paint, wheels, windows and more. This special pH neutral formula is a thick, clinging gel that is safe for all surfaces and wheel types.

Wolf's wheel care


Our polishing products with different strength are suitable for any polishing task. Strong relief scratch, highly polished cutting pastes, moderately strong one-step finishing and fine pastes can be found in our range.

Wolf's polish


The Wolf wax products are made by the highest quality of refined carnauba wax. We have liquid and solid consistency products, which are easy to use and provide long-lasting wax protection.

Wolf's wax


Protect your car on all surfaces with Wolf's dressing. Eco-friendly, non-hazardous products, which coating does not lubricates on surfaces, non-oiling and coatings dry to hard. It has anti-static effect.

Wolf's dressing

Nano products

There is no barrier for Wolf’s protective coatings. It can protect your cars for years against any weather conditions and stress. Choose the right protection for your car. We offer nano and nano-ceramic protection to all part of your car, to the windshield, paint, alloy wheels, leather, textile, plastic surfaces.

Wolf's nano

Latest Projects

Wolf's Chemicals made the development of Nano Glaze what other manufacturers or detailer pursued.
The Nano Glass Sealant serves the car owners since 1994 with great satisfaction.

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An all purpose cleaner specifically formulated to clean all surfaces of a vehicle, inside and out. This APC was  specially designed without harsh chemicals and is pH neutral. A user-friendly APC tough enough to clean wheel wells, tires, plastics, paint and engine compartments, but with proper dilution it is also gentle enough to safely clean carpets, interior plastics and all ...




“Jewel It” finishing polish is the final step to an perfectly polished paint. Precision milled micro abrasives and a professionally developed formula ensure that this ultra fine polish leaves a stunning, high-gloss finish, ready to be protected with one of Wolf’s Chemicals carnauba waxes or a nano coating. Very little to no dusting, body shop safe and friendly to the environment and the user.




Wolf’s “Quickie” is designed especially for those who do not have a lot of time to wax a vehicle in the traditional way or for those who would like to boost shine and protection on an existing layer of wax on a vehicle. This is also an ideal product for adding a quick shine to a showroom vehicle and may be used as a traditional QD to remove light dust from the surface. Made with high-grade T1 Brazilian...